Guaranteed Dog Training

Here is some of the Dog Training Equipment we have at Doggie Class that you can borrow for the evening while at class or purchase from us.

The Six-Foot Leather Leash

We prefer the 6-foot leather leash made by Latigo. Our experience is that leather is better than nylon for training leashes because leather doesn't slip in your hands like nylon does.

Some people with not as strong dogs do OK with a thick nylon leash. The first couple of classes you can get by with a 4-foot leash but after that it is better to have a 6-foot leash in order to do the more advanced exercises.

The Latigo leash is durable, supple, top-grain leather and the snap style is better for training. I have one of these leashes that is 30 years old!

They come in 6 widths.

One inch width, for very large dogs and a person with large sized hands
3/4 inch width, for most average large dogs and a person with average sized hands
5/8 inch width, for most average medium dogs
1/2 inch width, for most dogs just below medium sized
3/8 inch width, for most small dogs
1/4 inch width, for very tinny dog


The Slip Chain

We chose the Titan Slip Chain for those doggies that are lead broken and will no longer pay attention to the nylon flat collar. You can use a ‘Nylon or Leather Flat Collar', ‘Gentle Lead' or ‘Anti Pull Harness' for very sensitive dogs.

Most dogs are tough and strong and need a slip chain. The important thing is to learn the technique so you don't choke your dog. The first thing we teach you about the slip chain is the right way to put it on so the chain slips loose instead of being in the choking position. The slip chain needs to be the right length (not too long). You can trade your slip chain in for the next size as your puppy grows with no charge.

The Titan Slip Chain has very smooth links that are welded and chrome plated for maximum strength. The slip chain won't rust, tarnish or break..

We have all sizes of slip chains from 10 inch to 30inch

10 inch to 16 inch.
18 inch to 22 inch
24 inch
26 inch


The Treat Bag

The Outward Hound Treat and Ball Bag has a reasonable price and does the job. It clips on your pocket or has a loop for your belt. There is a drawstring to close the top. It's so handy to get treats out quickly right at the right time. No more messy treats in your pocket.

Treat Bag


Special Training Collar

We call it a ‘Special Training Collar' because it is used only for special situations and must be supervised. For those miss-matched dogs and persons this collar is like an equalizer, such as an older person with a big strong Rottweiler or your dog is very strong and the list goes on.

The Special Training Collar is like driving a car that has power steering instead of driving a car without power steering.

This collar has to be fitted correctly or it does nothing. Some people call it a pinch collar or a prong collar but the collar does not pinch, it grabs.
If you ever have to use one, try it on your jeans to see how it feels, it does not hurt or poke through the skin. The prongs on the collar we use are rounded and have blunt ends.

We like the Herm Sprenger German made collars. This brand is high quality and has good prices.



The Plastic Special Training Collar

This Special Training Collar is made of plastic instead of metal and also works well for the miss-matched dogs and people. It is an equalizer that gives you power steering for those stronger dogs.

This collar must be fitted correctly or it doesn’t work. We would want to supervise when you first try the collar so we are sure that is the right collar for your dog. The collar grabs and does not hurt your dog.

We use the StarMark Collar that was developed at Triple Crown Dog Academy.



The Long Line

When you get to long distance training, it would be so nice to have a 30-foot Long Line to do the more advanced exercises. Yes, you can get by with a rope tied to the end of your leash for the long distance exercises but it is so much easier to use a long line.

We chose the Coastal 30-foot Long Line, 5/8 width with a chrome plated swivel snap and box stitched for extra strength. It is good and reasonabley priced.

30-Foot Long Line



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