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We have a lot of experience teaching Socializing Skills to the doggies of all sorts of temperaments from very shy and scared to very aggressive and dominant.

For the more out going dogs we can teach that there is an invisible private space around each dog or person and he can not make physical contact unless you say “OK”. The “OK” gives him permission to say “Hello” to another dog or person.

When you give your dog permission with an “OK”, we can teach your dog not to approach fast as in a lunging or charging manner but instead to approach slowly. At the initial introductions the rule will be not to sniff beyond the nose of the dog or the legs of a person.

The older dogs (close to a year and up) may have issues especially if they are not neutered or spayed. We will want to supervise the socializing.

The young dogs can make friends fairly fast and you can tell it’s alright to allow your dogs to start to play together because their body language is not tight or afraid or aggressive.

The puppies that are very shy or afraid will soon learn to trust and then will start to socialize. The doggies that are very aggressive will learn there is no real threat and become curious then will start to socialize

We start the socializing at lesson number two and do that every week before the obedience part of the class starts.




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