We make Dog Training a Walk in the Park!

Dog Training Programs

 - Serving Stockton and Manteca in California -


Group Classes are a good starting point for Dog Training. They offer your dog socialization and help teach your dog how to listen to your commands in a distracting setting. Also we provide information on breaking bad habits.

We offer several classes, starting with Basic Obedience, as well as more advanced classes like Rally, Agility and Dog Trick Classes.


Our custom-fit Private Lessons are a good place to focus on problematic issues specific to your dog's needs.

Here we can tackle problems such as
Chewing - Nipping - Excessive Barking
Jumping up - Potty Training

as well a variety of other issues.


Board and Train offers the consistency of a full time trainer to really break those bad habits.

For Board and Train, we board your dog in one of our trainer's homes. During that time, your dog will be trained on how to break those bad habits and act like a well-mannered dog. They will also be taken to obedience classes during their stay.

"Dogs are not our whole life - but they make our lives whole"

- Janet Bates - Stockton's "Dog Whisperer"

"A Trained Dog Is A Happy Dog"

If you want your dog to be a good as a Home Pet, Obedience, Confirmation, Rally, Agility, Protection, Tracking, Herding, Fieldwork or Service  / Therapy dog, everything starts with training and communication.

Happy Dog

Arthur and Ivan

Thank you so much for your positive, practical and loving approach to training. Even though I had some second hand experience,(former spouse CYA dog handler), I was in no way prepared for Ivan my new 90 plus pound German Shepherd.

He started changing right after the first class....and began using all that nervous energy to follow commands and learn new things. Now whenever he's outside by my truck he stands and look at the tailgate hoping its time for class. Hard to believe that the same puppy I had problems with has now completed:Basic obedience,Advanced obedience,Agility, and now is preparing for the AKC Good Citizen,as well as Advanced Novice B competitions.

The money I spent was well worth it. The fact that Ivan can brush up his skills for free makes it the best deal in town.

Lauren and Beau

Guaranteed Dog Training has been a wonderful experience for me and my Golden Retriever, Beau. Working with the training team has taught me so many useful techniques and tips to improve Beau's behavior and listening skills.

My dog has learned so much and loves going to class each week. Their use of praise and positive reinforcement during training is exceptional.

Janet and her team love what they do and it truly shows!

Kim and Murphy

I would just like to thank you for the classes that Murphy and I have been taking, As you know we started in the beginning class, the first night Murphy was not happy to be there, We are now in the advanced class and all I have to do is show Murphy the leash and he is ready to go to class.

You have "taught" both of us the rules for good dog behavior and how to get good results. I would definitely take any new dog to training and would recommend you to any one who wants a better behaved dog.