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The information below will help us better assess you and your dog's needs. Thank you.

    Board and Train Registration

    Handler's Information

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    Home Phone
    Cell Phone


    Dog Information

    Dog's Name
    Dog's Age
    Dog's Sex

    Breed of Dog
    Vet's Name
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    Dog Temperment

    With strangers is your dog
    Is your dog: (Check all that apply)
    Protective of familyProtective of propertyOveractiveStartled by loud noise (away from home)Startled by sudden movements (away from home)Sluggish

    Has your dog:
    Ever bitten anyone?
    Nipped children in play?
    Wet when excited?
    Wet when punished?

    What distracts your dog the most?
    What games does your dog like?


    Is your dog: (Check all that apply)
    Kept in a fenced yardOn a chainUse a crateIn the country, no fenceAllowed in the houseDoes he jump fences

    Does your dog:
    Use a dog houseHave toysGo for walksDig to get under fencesRide with youStay in a dog run (or like)Have tick and flea protection

    How many?


    New job with different hoursA child starting schoolA child leaving homeA death in the familyA death of a petVisiting relativesMarriageDivorceA new babyNew petsWent to see his/her parents

    What age?

    Medical History

    OverweightUnderweightOn medication


    Jumping on peopleChewing things in yard or houseDigging holes in yardRuns in or out of house, car, gate, or doorsEats cat’s foodRowdy or wrestling in houseGets on furnitureBegging when anyone is eatingExcessive barkingCrosses boundaries in house or yardJumps fencesNips, licks, sniffs, or paws peopleMisbehaves in carChases children at playNot housebrokenTakes food from tableChases the cat

    Sit, stayTravel well in carStand for groomingBark when someone comes to your houseDown stayHeel nicely at your sideCome when calledWait at doorwaysSleep out at nightGo to his place in house, stay there until you say “OK”Sleep in at night


    By continuing, you agree to the following:

    Thank you for choosing GUARANTEED DOG TRAINING to care for your dog. We will do our best to make his (her) stay a safe and happy one. If your dog stays with us for two or more weeks, you may attend any of the classes given by GUARANTEED DOG TRAINING free of charge.

    In order for us to care for your dog we must be assured that his shots are current and his health is good. Your signature below will assure us of this and will also release GUARANTEED DOG TRAINING of responsibility for any unforeseen event involving your dog.

    I understand that it takes at least 12 weeks of conditioning a dog in controlled situations
    in order to keep his new good behavior patterns. Therefore, I agree to follow the instructions given me at my handling lesson when my dog is returned to me.

    Check this box if you agree to the above terms

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