Board and Training

Janet Bates

Dog Boarding and Training

Train your Dog while you Travel.

Come home to a Well-Trained Pooch.

$175 per day

$1225 per week

(Training takes about 2-3 weeks.)

We Board and Train your pup at a Trainer's home
in Stockton, CA.

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Want to Train your Dog but Don't Have The Time?

How about getting them trained while you go on vacation?

Skip Boarding at a Kennel. 

Here at Guaranteed Dog Training, you can and solve two issues at once by boarding your dog or puppy with a excellent Dog Trainer. 

By boarding with us, your pup gets a yard to roam in and a trainer to love them while you enjoy your vacation.

All training is done at a Dog Trainer's home in Stockton California where we can give your dog the attention they need to solve all those bad habits like jumping, nipping, excessive barking or charging through the screen dog.

Using positive reinforcement, not only do we emphasis good behavior and obedience, but we also take them to socialize with other dogs. During your dog's stay, we bring them to our dog training classes where they learn good doggy manners while socializing with other canines.

Come home from your trip to a well trained dog with good manners and lots of love to share.

Training Includes:

  1. Obedience - Sit stay, down stay, come when called, heel (walk without pulling) and to pay attention to you even with all the distractions.
  2. Breaking Bad habits - Jumping-up, excess barking, running through the door without permission, digging and chewing.
  3. Good manners - ‘go to your place’ and stay there until I say you can get up (even if it’s an hour and you have company).
  4. Socialize - He will learn how to socialize properly and have good manners with other people and other dogs.

The trainer also takes your dog to our dog training classes.

When Training is Finished,

You will receive a lesson on how to handle your dog and what he responds to, so you can continue his training. (It’s like driving a car; the car is no good to you if I don’t teach you how to drive it.)

After the board and training is complete, you may then bring your dog to any of our classes at no additional cost.

You will also be welcome to call Janet at any time after the lesson if you have any problems or questions.

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