Guaranteed Dog Training

Guaranteed Dog Training

We can guide each client in the direction they want to go such as fieldwork, home pet, show in conformation, show in obedience, agility, protection, tracking, herding and others. We guarantee our classes such that our clients can come back to any of our classes until they are happy with their dog with no extra cost.

We teach classes in Stockton and Manteca. The Stockton classes are on Monday evening all year around (these are our private classes). The Stockton Parks and Recreation has us teach classes on Wednesday in the spring, summer and fall. The Manteca Parks and Recreation have us teach classes on Tuesday evenings all year around since 1980.

We teach the beginner classes all the year around.

We teach Advance Obedience classes and Rally classes in the summer.

Beginner class ; this class is for young puppies or dogs that have never learned obedience. The goal is to get control of your dog. He will become well behaved on a leash and stop pulling you. He will learn good manners at your home and learn how to socialize properly with people and other dogs.

Advanced class ; the goal of the advanced class is off leash voice control. It is required that the dogs complete beginner class. The dogs learn hand signals, to stay and come at long distances, heel off leash and watch you at all times. The last class, the dogs will go through a Graduation set up like a Dog Show and the dogs will get Diplomas (Graduation Certificates) and Ribbons. The top dog gets a TROPHY!

Rally class ; this class is great fun and good exercise! It builds confidence in a bonding way for you and your dog because of the communication that is necessary. It’s an enjoyable way to release that excess energy for the dogs. It is required that the dogs complete the beginner class.

Our dog training business has always done well. We have a good reputation for our techniques and thorough training. We take care of behavior problems no one else can deal with. We have years of experience in socializing dogs and specializing in behavior modification.