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The Perfectly Mannered Dog

(August 2011)

"Janet Bates is the master of Positive Touch."

Giving Every Child & Dog a Chance

(May 2012)

"Janet Bates of Guaranteed Dog Training is recognized for her continuing commitment to the Community by 'Give Every Child A Chance'."

News from Camera Science

(September 2011)

"Janet's 35 years of experience have made her a very competent trainer. But, she has also developed an expertise in photographing dogs. "

Good Training Curbs Bad Habits

(March 21, 2000)

"Positive reinforcement is what it is all about. It is fun for both the dogs and the people."

Owners Should Use TLC to Train Family Watchdog 

(July 2000) The Record Weekly

"Forming a close bond with your dog is... often more effective than strict protection training... a good watch dog is a family-oriented pet that intrinsically senses the owner's fear and reacts."

Training Keeps Friendship Alive Between Pet, Owner

(July 3, 1983) The Stockton Record

"Janet... says she's never met a dog she couldn't train... But I've met a few people who were hard to train."