GDT Team

Meet the Team


 Lead Trainer

Janet - Lead Trainer

Janet has been mentoring capable people to help with dog class though-out the years, teaching them the special methods to teach at dog class and how to solve difficult dog problems. Now after years of training, she has put together a great ‘Dog Training Team’ for you.

Janet started the dog training business, Guaranteed Dog Training, in April of 1975 in Fresno CA then moved the business to Stockton in 1980. When she moved to Stockton, her mother, Marion MacDannald, learned how to train and assist with the classes and then later teach classes.

This business has several avenues of services:

  • Obedience with behavior modification dog training classes for beginners, young dogs and home pets.
  • Advance obedience classes.
  • Rally classes.
  • Agility classes
  • Sell training equipment for these classes.
  • Private lessons in the client's home or business.
  • Dog sitting in our home.
  • Board with training in our home.

Janet and Marion have shown dogs in obedience and have won many first place ribbons and trophies. Janet has received titles such as ‘DOG WORLD AWARD', ‘HIGHEST SCORING DOG IN NORTHERN CALIFORNIA' and ‘SEVENTH HIGHEST SCORING DOBERMAN IN THE NATION'.

Janet and Marion have been to many seminars with top dog trainers from all over the country and have learned all the new methods; the ones that are good were incorporated into the classes.

Marion has passed away March of 2010. She will be deeply missed by all. 

Meet The Rest Of The Team

Dog Trainer Team Winter 2022


 Trainer & Handler

Linda - Trainer & Handler

Linda has been mentoring, assisting and teaching dog classes. Showing young people methods to teach at dog classes and how to solve difficult dog problems is something she is proud of.

From the age of three, Linda grew up with Dobermans and Boxers and was her father’s right hand at dog training and with his Security Dog business.  She learned how to train and assist her father and then later teach classes.

Growing up the child of a dog trainer, she learned many day to day things that she shares in her classes today. In 1970 Linda began training with trainers from Germany, Jerry and Joanne Smith and branched out with a line of obedience and show ring Dobermans. Through the years she has owned Dobermans, Rottweilers and Weimaraners and still actively breeds, competes and shows today. Earning many AKC titles and accomplishments, Linda now shares that experience.

Her experiences include:
• Basic Obedience with behavior modification classes
• Urban obedience.
• Advance obedience classes.
• Rally classes.
• Agility classes.
•Trick Dog and CGC
• Private and individual lessons
• Dog sitting and pet care
• Board with training in her home.

All of Linda’s personals dogs hold AKC Champion and Grand Champion titles as well as National ranking and International titles. Many of her dogs have multiple competitions, performance and hunt titles as well.

Linda believes in continuing education and has been to many seminars with top dog trainers from all over the country and has learned many new methods.
Her favorite saying is “Give your dog a job and you will both be happy”



JoseLuis - Trainer

JoseLuis has been a lover of dogs all his life. He was first introduced to dog training 19 yrs. ago in 2002. His family had a difficult dog back then and began attending classes with Guaranteed Dog Training.

His family's dog was a wonderful but handful of work. She was dog aggressive, exhibited dominant behavior with children, and was an escape artist. His family turned to Guarantee Dog Training and the journey began.

No one would have predicted that this difficult dog would take JoseLuis and his family through not only beginning and advanced obedience but also agility!  He and his family went on to adopt two more rescues and train them through Janet’s classes as well.

JoseLuis has used the lessons he learned at an early age from Janet and the team at Guaranteed Dog Training to properly train and care for all of his dogs.

Today JoseLuis has a new dog Maya, a Husky. His dedication to learning and working with Janet as his
Mentor has helped his talent to train grow. He is committed to learning and sharing. Always humble, curious and seeking knowledge from other trainers makes him a quiet force and an asset to the team. 

Dog training is his passion and JoseLuis admits that although his journey has been almost his entire life, it really has just begun.



Mia - Trainer

Being raised around dogs and other animals of all sizes, Mia was no stranger to pet ownership when she got her first Doberman in 2017.  Little did she know her path in life was about to change.

Seeking assistance for training this unruly pup, she met Janet at Guaranteed Dog Training. With a lot of help, training and mentoring, this challenging pup evolved into the best trained pet and companion that Mia has ever had.

Through the stages of training and work (and making progress) with him in Janet’s classes, it was apparent that Mia loved what she was doing and doing what she loved. She had a knack for the work and was approached by Janet to be mentored and trained herself to be part of Guaranteed Dog Training.

Mia’s passion for dog training became clear and she continued to be mentored by Janet and helped in teaching classes through the process.  Always eager to help, her goal is to keep families and their dogs together.  She says helping people learn to train their dogs to become good citizens is very rewarding.

To take her passion even further, Mia has enrolled in classes to become a registered Vet Technician with aspirations to become an animal behaviorist. Towards the goals she is currently working in a Veterinary Emergency Hospital.



Victoria - Trainer

As a result of being a dog lover for her entire life, Victoria became interested in dog training early on. When her mom adopted a pair of dachshunds that not only had special needs but also anxiety and aggression, Victoria sought out trainers to help her learn. Working with these two, she was able to make great strides in their behavior.

After moving to Stockton in 2015 she continued helping her mom on the weekends as well as doing pet sitting, dog walking and other dog related jobs. Three years later Victoria adopted her own dog.

Starting off as and Emotional Support Dog, working towards Service Dog, Daisy and Victoria took on some challenges. Victoria found herself up for the job of having a self-trained ‘SD’.  She found guidance from trainers, research, reading plenty of books and asking questions.

2019 was a turning point for Victoria and Daisy both. Victoria began fostering and working further with dogs. Successfully rehabilitating, training and placing foster dogs was the ultimate reward.  However it was also around the same time her dog Daisy was attacked and had to be removed from her service work. Daisy was now the rehabbing project for Victoria.

Needing to get Daisy into projects and work that could help rebuild confidence; they came to Guaranteed Dog Training for obedience classes, training and help. Not only was that beginning to work, but then Victoria brought her boyfriend’s dogs to all of Janet’s classes as well.  Attending the agility class helped her and Daisy find more confidence.  About this time she adopted a new puppy as a candidate for Service Dog. ‘Lilo’ has now joined the family and is regularly attending Guaranteed Dog Training obedience classes.  And it’s a bonus because the other trainers love Lilo!

Victoria is continuously training at GTD’s classes and at home. She helps her friend’s dogs too! Learning has not stopped. She continues to research, read and ask questions.

Her passion may be fueled by her love for her dogs but she has also found that rescue work and being mentored under Janet is very fulfilling.



Kim - Trainer

Kim’s passion for animals began when she was very young. Having all types of pets from cats, dogs, iguanas, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters, and fish!  

Currently Kim has three shelter dogs that she has adopted.  Her pack is a 9 year old black Labrador, a 7 year old Labrador/German Shepherd mix, and a 9 year old Labrador/Rottweiler mix.

In 2018, when given the opportunity to apprentice with Janet, Kim thought it would be fun to learn different techniques to practice with her own dogs. And so her journey began.
Over time, she began assisting and helping during classes. Through Guaranteed Dog Training, Kim realized she enjoyed working with dogs that exhibit reactive behavior. Having a reactive dog herself, this apprenticeship taught her how to manage her own dog's behavior. Kim was determined, patience, and consistent.

January of 2020 she began working with the City of Stockton Animal Shelter as an Animal Services Assistant.  Kim found it extremely  rewarding to be able to blend the techniques from Guaranteed Dog Training and work. Not only did it help her,  but it helps when teaching dogs and their owners.  

One of her favorite things is seeing an adopted pet (from the shelter) enroll in one of Janet's classes. Rescued dogs starting new chapter, in a new family, and new found confidence brings Kim such joy!