Agility Class


The agility class is great fun and good exercise! It builds confidence in a bonding way for our client and the dogs because of the communication that is necessary. It’s an enjoyable way to release that excess energy for the dogs.

The dogs learn to jump hurdles, scale ramps, run through tunnels, balance on a teeter-totter and weave through a line of poles.

It is recommended that the dogs complete the beginner class first.
Please Note: In the event that a class is canceled, you will be informed immediately of a lesson makeup date.


We will help teach your dog to:

Work off leash and respond to hand signals
Jump Hurdles
Scale Ramps
Run Through Tunnels
Balance on a Teeter-Totter
Obey in distracting situations
Weave through a line of poles
Learn to watch you at all times


Positive reinforcement stressed
All breeds any age after beginner class
Questions acknowledged & answered
Friends & family welcome at class
Training equipment available for purchase
Great fun and good exercise
Builds confidence in a bonding way
Release that excess energy for your dog
Extreme Communication and Trust