Board and Training


The Board with Training is done at the Trainers home and it takes about 2-3 weeks.

Your dog will stay in the trainers home (a house and a yard), not a kennel.

The Training Includes:

Obedience: Sit stay, down stay, come when called, heel (walk without pulling) and to pay attention to you even with all the distractions.

Bad habits: Jumping-up, excess barking, running through the door without permission, digging and chewing.

Good manners: ‘go to your place’ and stay there until I say you can get up (even if it’s an hour and you have company).

Socialize: He will learn how to socialize properly and have good manners with other people and other dogs.
The trainer will also take your dog to our dog training classes.

When the training is finished, you will receive a lesson on how to handle your dog and what he responds to, so you can continue his training. It’s like driving a car; the car is no good to you if I don’t teach you how to drive it. After the board and training is completed you may then bring your dog to any of our classes at no additional cost. You will also be welcome to call Janet at any time after the lesson if you have any problems or questions.

NOTE: All Board and Train participants will need to fill out the registration form.

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