Special Training Collar


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We call it a ‘Special Training Collar’ because it is used only for special situations and must be supervised. For those miss-matched dogs and persons this collar is like an equalizer, such as an older person with a big strong Rottweiler or your dog is very strong and the list goes on.

The Special Training Collar is like driving a car that has power steering instead of driving a car without power steering.

This collar has to be fitted correctly or it does nothing. Some people call it a pinch collar or a prong collar but the collar does not pinch, it grabs.
If you ever have to use one, try it on your jeans to see how it feels, it does not hurt or poke through the skin. The prongs on the collar we use are rounded and have blunt ends.

We like the Herm Sprenger German made collars. This brand is high quality and has good prices.

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