The Six-Foot Leather Leash


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We prefer the 6-foot leather leash made by Latigo. Our experience is that leather is better than nylon for training leashes because leather doesn’t slip in your hands like nylon does.

Some people with not as strong dogs do OK with a thick nylon leash. The first couple of classes you can get by with a 4-foot leash but after that it is better to have a 6-foot leash in order to do the more advanced exercises.

The Latigo leash is durable, supple, top-grain leather and the snap style is better for training. I have one of these leashes that is 30 years old!


$30.00 –  1 inch width – For very large dogs and a person with large sized hands
$24.00 – 3/4 inch width –  For most average large dogs and a person with average sized hands
$22.00 – 5/8 inch width – For most average medium dogs
$20.00 – 1/2 inch width – For most dogs just below medium sized
$18.00 – 3/8 inch width – For most small dogs
$14.00 – 1/4 inch width – For very tinny dogs

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1", 3/4", 5/8", 1/2", 3/8", 1/4"