The Slip Chain


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We chose the Titan Slip Chain for those doggies that are lead broken and will no longer pay attention to the nylon flat collar. You can use a ‘Nylon or Leather Flat Collar’, ‘Gentle Lead’ or ‘Anti Pull Harness’ for very sensitive dogs.

Most dogs are tough and strong and need a slip chain. The important thing is to learn the technique so you don’t choke your dog. The first thing we teach you about the slip chain is the right way to put it on so the chain slips loose instead of being in the choking position. The slip chain needs to be the right length (not too long). You can trade your slip chain in for the next size as your puppy grows with no charge.

The Titan Slip Chain has very smooth links that are welded and chrome plated for maximum strength. The slip chain won’t rust, tarnish or break..

We have all sizes of slip chains from 10 inch to 26inch

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10" to 14", 16" to 22", 24", 26"